Kaylee Cho
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Hi, I am Kaylee!

I have been a designer since 7 years. Since few months, I am coding everyday. As a Junior Frontend Developer, I am passionate about UX/UI. With creative brain and tech-savvy mindset, I can transform great content into user-friendly apps. I am passionate about UX/UI principles and want to evolve my established skillset.

Other than thinking of coding, I love cats, sea, travelling, yoga, and peace of mind.. I am based in Berlin, Germany for now but always thinking of Ortigia and its sunshine.

As a side, I am very much interested in this Virtual Reality Project in Sicily. Which is the point I got interested in coding in the first place : )


Hello. Fellow Women in Tech!

I love and support my fellow women around the globe and I am rooting for them!! Women in tech-industry please get in touch with me! :)

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